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retroaesthetics's Journal

retro aesthetics - 1900-1969
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Welcome to retroaesthetics. This community has been made for people who identify with the look and history of bygone eras, and most specifically 1900-1969. The community can be used for discussions, making friends, posting photos and anything else as long as it is relevant.

We only have a few rules that we'd like for you to follow in order to keep this a swell place. Please read them before joining!

For information about tagging your posts, please read this entry.

1. Be nice! This might seem obvious but if you're going to be rude, personally attack other members, say anything sexist, racist, or otherwise deemed unnecessary, we're going to want you out of here.

2. Stay on topic. The time period we are interested in is from the start of the 20th century (1900) up until roughly 1969. This covers the Jazz Age (Roaring Twenties), the Great Depression and WWI and WWII, the Atomic Era, and the Swinging Sixties. Anything related to or inspired by these times is fair game! While we realize that there is just as much awesome stuff from the times before and after, we're strictly about 1900-1969, so please stick with that!

3. Have fun. Post often. Make friends. After you've joined, it's a good idea to post an introduction so we can get to know you. This can include basic information about yourself, photos, things that inspire you and of course, your favourite time in history and what you like so much about it.

Q. If I've recently discovered a "current" band with a great retro sound, can I post about them even if they're from the 21st century?
A. Absolutely! Just use your best judgement as to what has a retro feel to you.

Q. Can I post about recent retro-themed things I've purchased, or my retro collections.
A. Yes, yes, and yes!

Q. I have some really awesome family photos of my grandparents from the 50's, can I share these?
A. Yes of course. Anything authentically retro is always wanted.

Q. Can I post my outfits or pictures of myself and friends?
A. This depends - was your outfit retro styled? Do you and your friends strive for a retro look or lifestyle? We like things that are retro-inspired or 100% authentic, so please use your judgement here as well.

Have any more questions? Ask us here.

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